Marketing Specialists

Hello and Thank You for your interest in our team. We are glad you are here. Please read below for more information. If you would like for us to contact you and get you working towards easy money, or if you have any questions, just fill out the short form to the right.

Marketing Specialists Wanted

  • We are seeking drivers to provide assistance with our marketing efforts.
  • You receive the opportunity to earn extra income ($500) simply by displaying signage while you drive.
  • You have time freedom and you are able to work when you prefer according to your schedule.
  • You may start and stop your association with our company as you wish.
  • You can boost your profits simply by networking and spreading the word, as well as displaying signage.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about the real estate business if you wish.

How Does It Work?

  • You will simply continue to serve as a ride share driver in the Denver Metro area.
  • You will receive car magnets to display on your car while driving.
  • Feel free to remove the car magnets while driving for personal reason or conducting vehicle inspections.
  • Simply reinstall the magnets when you want to give yourself the opportunity to generate leads and earn extra income.
  • You will receive credit for all leads generated with your car magnet.
  • Your leads will be tracked to you and only you due to the unique keyword on your signage.
  • You may also submit leads you generate from networking with your customers, friends, or family, etc…
  • You will receive a $500 check for your marketing services for each lead you generate that results in a closed sale of real estate.

What Do We Do?

  • Our company buys and sells real estate.
  • We help our clients buy and sell real estate as well.
  • Check out the rest of our website to learn more.
  • We are always searching for opportunities to help people.
  • We appreciate your help with marketing service to find new opportunities.
  • We look forward to paying you for your help when we close a sale together.

Ready To Get Started?

Step 1

Download the marketing application below, then fill in required information,sign and return to us at

Step 2

You will be contacted by our team.

Step 3

You receive your car magnets and you are in business as a Marketing Specialist

Step 4

You earn $500 each time one of your leads results in a closed real estate transaction.

Marketing Application

Click here to download the Marketing Application.